Nage No Kata

Nage No Kata (NNK)

NNK is one of only three three kata taught in Jitsu, along with Ukemi Kata and Empi Kata. It is a Judo kata, specifically a Randori-no-kata (forms of throwing). It’s aim in both Judo and Jitsu is to aid the demonstration and understanding of various concepts of nage waza (throwing techniques). As such it it taught in Jitsu from purple belt onwards when uke and tori (receiver and executor of a technique) have become comfortable enough with throwing and falling to learn it.

NNK consists of 5 seperate areas of waza:

  • Te-waza (手技, hand techniques)
  • Koshi-waza (腰技, hip techniques)
  • Ashi-waza (足技, foot techniques)
  • Ma-sutemi-waza (真捨身技, rear sacrifice techniques)
  • Yoko-sutemi-waza (橫捨身技, side sacrifice techniques)

The full list of Nage No Kata phases and sets can be found here

Here is an excellent demonstration of Nage No Kata

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