At South Norwood Jujitsu club, we teach a modernised martial art focusing on practical self-defence and ground-based grappling. The club has both adult and junior classes. For adults the focus is on maximising one’s situational awareness and ability to defend oneself, while providing a tough cardiovascular workout. For juniors, the focus is on ground-work, learning coordination skills, discipline, teamwork and of course having fun! For more on Junior classes, please click here. For more on adult classes, please click here.

We pride ourselves on providing a positive and challenging environment, with a good team spirit. If you are looking for increased martial knowledge, confidence and a challenging fitness boost, come and try us out! Turn up to any class to have a free session! Or to contact us please click here
Club News
Congratulations to Chee-ho and Elliot for their new belts. They were both awarded “Top Grade” regionally, showing that their hard work paid off .
Beginners are welcome at both the Monday and Wednesday sessions – come and join us for some sweat and fun!

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