Juniors Club

The Juniors Jitsu Club is open to young people from the ages of 8 to 17. Classes are taught in a safe environment suitable for young people of all sizes, weight and strength. The emphasis is on challenging the juniors and developing their skills, while retaining a focus on fun.


Personal and Physical Development:

The two biggest outcomes for the students are personal and physical development. The physical outcomes include better coordination, improved strength, fitness, balance and demonstrable skills. The personal outcomes are perhaps even more important: training in Jitsu will teach a young person self-control, discipline and empathy through training with people of different races, gender and background. All of which lead to increased self-confidence as the young person grows in understanding of themselves and the people they train with.

It should also be mentioned that Jitsu, like football, rugby, hockey etc., is a full-contact, physical activity. As mentioned on the membership form, this does have certain risks. Jitsuka do get hit occasionally, and they will get bruises, the odd fat lip and maybe a bloody nose or black eye. It happens to the best of us. However, serious injuries are rare in Jitsu. All Sensei are qualified first-aiders and we always train in the safest way possible.


Costs: Because the club is aimed at being an inclusive community-focused club the price of training is remarkably cheap compared to many other activities.
Mat fees are just £15 per month. This works out at under £4 per week, with the odd session thrown in for free in long months.
The Jiu Jitsu Foundation Licence (insurance) is only £18 per year. This covers Jitsuka, not only at any TJJF club, but also at Regional and National events, where they can learn from the best Sensei we have to offer.
These Regional and National events happen on a regular basis and cost between £5 and £20. Keep an eye on the News on the front page for details. Regional events include Courses, Pre-gradings and Gradings and each occurs roughly every three months. Junior National events happen twice a year, in October and April.
The final cost of Jitsu is the investment in a Gi (uniform). These cost about £20 and are very hard-wearing.
It should be mentioned that no one makes any money out of Jitsu. Sensei are not paid. All money raised goes straight back into the Club, subsidising equipment, entry fees and social events.

All Junior Jitsu Sensei are DBS cleared and constantly have both their own progress and that of the Club monitored by a mentor. The safety and well-being of our Jitsuka is the most important thing to any Sensei.

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