Grade system

There are 8 Kyū (“grades” or “belts”) in Jitsu spanning Novice Grades to the first level of sensei – the brown belt. These kyū are as follows:

  • 8th kyū – white belts (novices)
  • 7th kyū – yellow belts
  • 6th kyū – orange belts
  • 5th kyū – green belts
  • 4th kyū – purple belts
  • 3rd kyū –  light blue belts
  • 2nd kyū – dark blue belts
  • 1st kyū – brown belts

Above these are our Yodansha (“Dan”) grades. They rise up to 3rd Dan (Sandan) where our kyū system is capped in honour of the late Peter Farrar, an integral influence on the expansion of our style.

Note: Juniors (17 & Under) have a contrasting belt, with a white stripe running the length of the belt. Junior Novices have a white belt with a red mon at each end. Juniors are not allowed to be taught the Atemi Kata at Novice level.

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